Karmond Company was established in 2003 to offer the highest quality technology in telecommunication products available. Dealing directly with manufacturers in Japan and Taiwan we bring the best and newest technology to North America as soon as it is on the market in Asia, normally 6 - 12 months ahead with new products.

Extensive travel and contacts in the Far East ensure that you have access to it right away with the assurance that all products meet the quality and standards of North America. Our personal guarantee that whatever your needs, whether it is current technology or the latest concepts coming out, trust Karmond Company to fulfill your wishes.

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Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna







Thin design UHF antenna UDF85


Thin design UHF antenna UDF80(B)



Home Use UHF Outdoor antenna AU14FR





Outdoor digital UHF antenna UDF105



Thin design indoor UHF antenna ARL-1(B)

Home Use Receiving Equipment